It is an airplane to use for domestic and overseas trips.

I want to purchase a ticket wisely.

I want to purchase a ticket wisely. I think that it will change with smartness, which emphasis will depend on which one, but I thought of everything. Common thing is to purchase on the net. In that sense, I will think on the premise that I will purchase on the net. How to buy it because it is cheap? If you know the schedule in advance, it will be cheaper if you buy a ticket from around a month ago. You have to make great discounts more and more. It is effective even for age, round-trip etc. It will be cheaper if payment is done with designated convenience store as well. If the net is connected regardless of location or time, you can make a reservation. I actually made a reservation since entering this year, but just by entering the date, I can see the availability of the flight on that day. Later, what was amazing was that we could choose the seat. When I was booking last year, I did not have such a system, so I was surprised. A person who wants to go to the bathroom with a child or the like quickly can take a convenient place depending on the circumstances of the person such as a passage side. I like to see the outside, so it's on the window side. Easy to receive tickets. If the code is printed on the printed reservation paper and you have a machine that loads this code at the airport, you can simply pass that code over without going to the window. Let's earn points. Depending on the point site, you can fly the points of that point site by purchasing a ticket. Flight tickets etc are expensive, so it is delicious for those who collect points.
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